We specialize in serving students that feel they just don't "fit in" in the traditional school setting. The majority of our students that we serve are at-risk students, having earned about 8 credits at a previous school by age 18, putting them at risk of never graduating. We also serve many students that are exceptional and would like to move through the required academics at a different pace than allowed by the traditional school setting.

We have high expectations of all our students
836.6 Average SAT score

It works

Our 65.5% graduation rate serving at-risk dropouts says it does.
This is TWO times better than most Alternative Schools.

We helP

  • Students that are parents or expecting to be a parent
  • Homeless
  • Have anxiety, emotional trauma or other medical conditions
  • Bullied
  • Homeschool families
  • Athletes, in training to participate in the higher level of sports
  • Training teams
  • Students that are working
  • Students 14 to 21 years old *possible older based on state specific rules

We Offer

  • Tuition-free public school State Certified High School Diploma
  • Center-based highly qualified, certified, local, full-time, teaching staff
  • Best-in-class facilities
  • Flexibility
  • Special Education is a priority
  • Free quality laptops and wireless internet devices
  • One class at a time
  • Sequential classes provide for deeper learning
  • Internship opportunities
  • Dual Enrollment in college courses for credit

SUCCESS BLC is coming to Rochester, NY. 

Parents or young adults up to age 22 yrs who are interested in more information about the school and to register for our Pre-lottery application to express interest in our Rochester, NY Enrollment Lottery 

Names of pre-registered students will be contacted and be given more information about the school and can add their name in the lottery drawing at that time. A lottery, date to be announced will  determine who can enroll.

Parents who are interested in sending their children to Success BLC in the fall of 2019 can pre-enroll for the lottery now.

We will be providing updated information soon.

Rochester, NY Success BLC Alternative High School

Location - Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

Contact: (616) 426-9290

Register for Pre-Lottery Application