Why does my brain hurt when doing school work?


Those students who don’t feel headaches while doing academic work are truly blessed but, unfortunately, I am not one of those blessed one. Like many students, I  find it difficult to complete my work assignments on time, especially when I am doing it alone in my home. Sometimes I seem to handle the stress of work better than at other times. I wanted to find out what the difference was and why sometimes I succeeded and felt great about it and other times I felt like a complete failure. How can I duplicate my successes and continue down this pathway. I know if I fail to complete my work it can lead to bad grades or even failing a class. Main Reasons why your Brain  Hurts while working Why does my brain hurt and other peoples brain's do not hurt? Is my brain normal or am I unusual?  After doing some research, I found out that the main reason for this brain fatigue lies behind the complexity of assignments and the ability of students to complete the task.

While doing difficult work in school the solution to a problem may not be right in front of you and you might find yourself needing to think deeper to figure out a solution. When you think deeper you can begin to feel anxious.  Ultimately this anxiety can turn into headaches and mental fatigue can result. Actually many people feel demotivated when this happens, even a minor failure of your memory can cause frustration.

What you can do to help your Brain function at the top of your game Hydrate - Drink water to feed your brain. Lack of water can cause problems with focus, memory brfain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches, sleep issues, anger, depression and much more. When your brain is functioning on the appropriate amount of water, you will be able to think faster and be more focused on your school work. Always keep a bottle of water near you while your working.




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