We not only have all of the Merit curriculum required courses but also many elective courses that will further your career.


We work with each student to develop an individualized plan to help them reach their personal goals.


We hire only the best highly qualified certified teachers to staff our centers and serve our students. These are the teachers you always wished for.


We hire special education teachers and social workers to ensure ALL our students succeed.



Engaging online and blended learning education.

At Success Virtual Learning Centers one of the programs we use is Edgenuity™, a program, offering to meet students at their learning level and give them exactly what they need to catch up, keep up, or get ahead. Through assessments and detailed reports from our Success System and Edgenuity we provide students with skill-appropriate online lessons and give our educators the ability to monitor academic progress easily.


Virtual High School course offerings

These are our base courses. These are tutorial style courses in which students receive support from certified teachers.


    1. Pre-Algebra
    2. Algebra I
    3. Geometry
    4. Algebra II
    5. Pre-Calculus
    6. Math Models & Applications
    7. Financial Math
  • Language Arts

    1. Language Arts 9
    2. Language Arts 10
    3. Language Arts 11
    4. Language Arts 12
    5. Literacy and Comprehension I
    6. Literacy and Comprehension II
  • Science

    1. Earth Science*
    2. Physical Science
    3. Biology*
    4. Chemistry* or Physics*
  • World Languages

    1. Spanish
  • Electives

    1. Health
    2. Lifetime Fitness
    3. Psychology
    4. Sociology
    5. Consumer Skills
    6. Career
    7. Strategies for Academic Success
    8. Introduction to Art
    9. Art History
    10. Computer Applications- Office 2007
    11. Intro to Info Tech
    12. Microsoft Office Specialist

Additional Classes


    1. Personal Finance
    2. PSAT Math
    3. SAT Math
    4. Statistics and Probability
  • Language Arts

    1. Composition
    2. PSAT Reading
    3. PSAT Writing and Language
    4. SAT Reading
    5. SAT Writing and Language
    6. Speech
    7. IDEA Writing
  • Science

    1. Environmental Science
    2. Health Science Concepts
    3. Intro to Health Science
    4. Medical Terminology
  • World Languages

  • Electives

    1. Personal Wellness
    2. Game Design
    3. 3D Art Modeling
    4. Audio Engineering
    5. Digital Arts
    6. Engineering Design
    7. Game Design
    8. Intro to Business
    9. Intro to Entrepreneurship
    10. Nursing Assistant
    11. Online Learning
    12. Pharmacy Tech
    13. Success - Self-Assessment and Job Skills.