Withdrawing from High School Early? Success Is Still Possible.


Success VLC Students Finish High School and Succeed

Not everyone who drops out of high school is incapable of success. So often, life’s path takes us on a journey we didn’t expect. Maybe that's happened to you too. Those forks in the road do not have to stop you from succeeding. You do not have to allow yourself to fall to the stigma of "high school dropout." You can move forward with a successful life and career. At Success VLC, we know everyone has a different story.

Teen Moms Tackle Motherhood and Diploma

Becoming a young mother is never simple. With a bundle of joy and the blessings of new life in her arms, it’s hard to imagine anything but cuddles and coos. It doesn’t take long for reality to set in and the mother may realize she has to drop out of high school to care for her baby. Those emotions can bring her down and make her feel as if she cannot succeed outside of motherhood. Success VLC makes it possible for young mothers to stay with their babies and finish high school from home. A successful mother is the example those beautiful babies need. Success VLC gives new teen moms the uplifting opportunity to continue their education and continue a successful path in life.

Bullied Teens Can Absolutely Succeed

Fear is a force which stops us from many accomplishments. Though it’s simple to believe no child should fear going to school, bullying is far more complicated and brings out emotions in teens that can so often become paralyzing. Bullied teens often either drop out of school or fail due to staying in an unhealthy environment. Success VLC allows the time and space for these teens to heal, step away from the environment where they’ve been victims, and become empowered teens who can succeed again.

At-Risk Youth Opportunities

At-risk youth often want to succeed yet feel the cards are stacked against them. Whether the traditional school environment isn't the best fit for them or they have to work to assist with family household bills, these teens often thrive when given an opportunity to work with Success VLC. They have a chance to move away from a place of negative peer engagement with time to work on school from home and earn their diploma.

Absent Students

Sometimes a student’s excessive absence is unavoidable. When an illness or tragic event occurs, teens often fall behind then feel discouraged about their ability to get back on track and graduate with their class. Success VLC is here for those teens who have missed too many days or have dealt with illness or tragedy in their lives. Being successful is possible.

When we take away the barriers of traditional high school and circumstances that stop students in their tracks, students find success. Challenges are forks in the road, not walls blocking your path to adulthood.

Success VLC has 22 Centers across Michigan. We want you to succeed, and we are here with an innovative and supportive program to make that happen. No matter your circumstances, success is around the corner when you let that fork in the road lead you to Success VLC.

Why Bother?

That’s a tough question to answer at times. We understand there are occasions when situations seem bleak and students feel it’s not worth trying anymore. It’s these times we want you to remember a high school diploma offers more opportunities as an adult. Those with a high school diploma earn on average about $200 more a week than those who do not have a diploma. Career options are limited for non-graduates. Adults with a diploma are far more valuable on any path whether it’s a future career, trade school, or even a decision to visit a college education down the road.

Contact Us. We are Here to Help You Succeed

If you are ready to take the leap, face life’s challenges, and meet your goals, contact us here at Success VLC. With 22 Centers across the state, we feel confident we can help you finish high school, get your diploma, and become successful. 

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