How Success VLC Helps Non-Traditional Learners Earn Their Diplomas


3 Ways Success VLC Is DIFFERENT Than Your Typical Online High School!

If you struggled in a traditional high school setting or had circumstances that prevented you from earning your diploma, you may or may not have already explored online high schools. And, if you did think about this alternative way to earn your diploma, you might have already thought to yourself, “I don’t think this is for me, either.”

See, for some students, taking classes completely online just doesn’t work. Some students need extra help in their classes in the form of in-person instruction. Some people learn better when they can ask questions or work with their peers but had a reason for not earning their diploma in a traditional high school setting. Others need accountability and don’t get it when only working online.

Whatever the reason, at Success VLC, we know that everyone learns differently, which is why we offer a hybrid learning model to help all of our students gain access to the in-person and online resources they need in order to earn their high school diploma and graduate.

AND it’s not too late to enroll for the 2019-2020 school year:

Here are just 3 ways that Success VLC is DIFFERENT than other online high schools:

Virtual Classrooms + In-Person Learning Centers

The biggest thing that sets us apart from other online high schools is in our name! The VLC in our name stands for Virtual + Learning Centers. That’s because we offer an online (Virtual) curriculum that allows you to learn on your time, at your own pace.

At the same time, we have in-person Learning Centers staffed with certified, caring teachers who are available to help answer your questions in one-on-one and small group settings. Other students are there to learn on their own time, and our Learning Center community is quiet, supportive, and a great place to study.

There are an average of only 10 students in one of our Learning Centers at any given time, with a 5:1 teacher to student ratio. That means more individual attention from teachers so you can succeed in even your hardest subjects.

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