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Be Confident When Taking Standardized Tests

We all know about the days when we have to eat a healthy breakfast, sharpen two number 2 pencils that have good erasers, and bring our A game to our high school classes. 

Standardized Testing Days.

These tests can cause stress -- not just for students, but also teachers and schools.

Why? Well, to start, these tests have been the measure of academic competence for years. Schools and teachers are recognized when students perform well on these tests. However, consistent assessments help educators continuously improve teaching methods and curricula. Standardized tests also help students plan ahead for the future, perform better, and excel in school.

In spite of the benefits, though, we cannot ignore underlying tension when test days are nearing. To earn desired results, effective planning and strategies that involve the school, teachers, and students have to be implemented to reduce pressure and cramming. 

At SuccessVLC, our students take all state-required standardized tests, including the SAT, M-STEP, and WIDA. Our test scores rival traditional high schools, meaning our graduates are just as prepared and held to the same standards as their traditional counterparts. Here are some ways we encourage our students to get the most out of standardized testing days: 

Before the test
Preparing for tests does not come in one ball drop. Answers and preparation are cumulatively acquired through years of schooling. Reviewing for tests should be integrated into discussions, but should not run classes.

Dry runs for these exams are important for students to feel comfortable in a test environment; however, we go to school to learn, not to pass tests. The goal is to prepare for tests without making it obvious. 

But, students need to do their own preparation as well. They can take advantage of test manuals and online resources as well as learn how to answer and solve common questions in advance.

It is also not advisable for students to cram the night before any kind of test. Rest is essential. Calmness and confidence help students perform their best. One last thing to prepare for is the temperature of the testing center. Dress comfortably and bring layers

During the test
Being tensed is normal. The air can be heavy and testing centers would be full of prayers and crossed fingers. But it is essential to try to relax and breathe. Nervousness can cloud your judgment and it is needed to understand questions and answer accordingly.

Once test papers are handed, take time to read and follow instructions. Standardized tests are time constrained, start with those you can easily answer and skip those you absolutely don't know the answers to. Mark the numbers softly with an asterisk and get back to them when there's still time, then make an educated guess.

Use erasers too. Change answers when needed, the first one isn't always the best one.

Stressless test preparation with SuccessVLC 
Similar to charter schools, SuccessVLC is not an exemption to these state-required tests including SAT, M-Step, and WIDA. Our students are not deprived of taking tests that would propel their future, ergo college education.

What's different about SuccessVLC is that teaching and learning has not been patterned around the test. Classes do not monotonously run to tell students which answers what. Rather, our teaching methods see to it that the basics are covered while students learn through our non-traditional program at their own pace, in their own time wherever they are.

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