Getting Your High School Diploma - Is It Even Worth It?


We all know that most kids (especially teenagers) attend school because it's what's required and expected of them. Parents, guidance counselors, and every teacher they've ever had won't stop talking about the importance of receiving an education. But, do we ever stop and discuss why education should be a priority for our children?

We can talk till we're blue in the face about how they need a high school diploma before they can attend college... or how employers filter out candidates without an education, making it harder to find work... but, our kids already know these general reasons. What they want to know is... what's in it for them!

Ask yourself, what are your teen's goals, aspirations, or plans for the future? Oftentimes, we forget that our kids have a life outside of school, family, or work. They have dreams and ambitions that they don't share out of fear of not being understood.

Our children want to excel. They want to make you proud. But, most importantly, they want you to understand them and hear their concerns. It doesn't matter how many Instagram followers they have or likes they have on their latest tweet, teens still don't feel like they're being heard by the people most important to them -- you.

So, start a rapport with your child. Let them know you are listening and actively listen to their concerns. You may find that the stress of everyday life is impeding their ability to learn, plan, or see the future the same way as you. And if that's the case, it's time to look into some alternative forms of schooling.

Your child may not be on the traditional path to graduation, but once they discover that there are many ways to climb their personal ladder of success, making education a priority becomes much much easier.

At Success VLC, we've extended our high school education for those up to 21 years old and prioritize single classes at a time to ensure our students fully grasp each concept without the stress of multiple subjects. By offering flexible course options, our students are able to find the best path to suit their needs... and their future.

This solution is practical, affordable, and it works (according to our 65.7% graduation rate serving at-risk dropouts). We've seen great success with our students, almost all of whom were at risk of not finishing high school. 94% of our students believe we care about how they're doing, rivaling the 36% at their previous traditional schools.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for an alternative schooling option, check out the areas Success VLC serves by clicking here.

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