What Does it Take to Graduate From SuccessVLC?


While it is our goal to make a high school education available to and attainable by students at risk of not graduating, we also incorporate elements into our graduate requirements that set students up for longer-term success.

We believe that a diploma is important, but without certain skills and competencies, it's just a piece of paper. So along with the standard curriculum requirements, we require students to complete a senior project.

Let's take a quick moment to talk about the curriculum requirements first.

Students are required to complete 22 credit hours of coursework. You can see our full list of course options HERE, but the requirements are pretty comparable to standard high-school education requirements. We also allow work credit hours to be applied toward the 22 credit standard for some working students. Substitution of work credit for academic credit is assessed and monitored on an individual basis.

One of the things we feel sets us apart is the senior project requirement we have put in place for our students. The senior project consists of four elements:

●      a résumé

●      a cover letter

●      a passion paper

●      a mock interview.

While we love to see our students continue on to college, if that aligns with their goals, we know that every student can benefit (either in the short or long-term) from understanding how to craft a resume and how to create interest with a potential employer with a strong cover letter.

The passion paper is a project that asks a student to think about (and write an essay about) what they are passionate about in their life. We are often surprised and delighted at what our students share and discover about themselves through this assignment. While their passion may not always become their career, it can become the reason for their career, helping them to reach higher and work harder. As Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."

The final element of the senior project is a mock interview, designed to prepare our students to feel more comfortable and confident in the college or work interviews they will experience in the future.

While this senior project isn't particularly complicated, we have found it to be tremendously effective in preparing our students for the next chapter of their lives. We don't just want our students to successfully collect a diploma, we want them to be set up for long-term success too.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for an alternative schooling option, check out the areas Success VLC serves by clicking here.

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