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Success VLC is Here to Help High Schoolers Succeed

It doesn’t matter why any high school student considers withdrawing from high school. What matters is that they are offered opportunities to succeed. Success VLC has helped many students from multiple backgrounds.

  • Kids Who Have Been Bullied

  • Teen Moms

  • Transitioning Homeschooled Students

  • Chronically Ill Students

  • And Others

There are many reasons children do not or cannot attend school and finish out their high school years successfully in a traditional setting. We don’t worry about why students cross our paths. We ensure sure the path we offer them is one that will carry them to a future they are proud to have. While we operate mostly online, we have multiple locations and opportunities to meet with teachers and peers at one or our on-site locations. Success VLC would like students who have dropped out of high school or who are at risk of dropping out of school to know the potential of a successful career highly depends on obtaining a high school diploma.


Here at Success VLC, we say, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” Here is some important information to know about adults with high school diplomas.

  • On Average, a Diploma Gets $200 More a Week in Pay

  • Opportunity for Trade School or Four-Year Degree Opens with a Diploma

  • At-Risk Youth May Not Realize Their Potential

We feel all students have the potential to be great. Adult life can drastically differ from the years we spend as teens in high school. Students who have been bullied, teased, or had a rough time socially, can find the transition to adulthood even more difficult without the time in a controlled environment to rebuild trust with society. When given an opportunity to learn in small groups and socialize less frequently in a campus setting, these kids who have been through troubled times, have time to adjust and adapt before being tossed out into an adult world. Learning to cope in a safe place is important for teens who have not adapted well in a traditional high school setting with large classes and a larger student body.


Other teens, such as teens who become parents before graduating high school may find they don’t have all the hours during the day to be on a typical high school campus. Success VLC’s online programs can be geared to the needs of the individual student. There are opportunities to be on one of our 22 locations, so there will be plenty of time to work with teachers and peers in person too.

Success VLC is top-notch high school education with many benefits to a wide range of students:

  • Advanced Technology

  • Provide Student Laptop & Hotspot

  • Flexible Schedules & Pacing

  • 50:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

If you or your high school student needs a second chance to finish what they started when the doors to high school first opened, please reach out to us here at Success VLC. We are here to help students meet their goals of finishing high school and getting their diploma before moving on to adulthood.


With 22 locations across Michigan, we show students what success looks like and how to take real-life skills from high school to their next path. Learn to succeed with deadlines, communication, and becoming a self-starter your future employer would be proud to employ. 

Whether you are eager to get on with it and finish high school as quickly as possible or are in need of taking a slower path and acclimate to a different way of learning, Success VLC can help you get where you want to be at the end of the journey of high school. We understand you have goals and challenges along the way and we are here to help you.

Your future awaits. Call today to enroll. We're here to answer questions and assist in preparing for the future.

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