Only 55% of Farm Worker Children Will Graduate from High School. Alternative Schooling Options Can Help Change That.


You read that right: just 55% of farm worker children graduate from high school. (1) While that statistic includes migrant farm workers, it's still a sobering reality check.

Children of farmers may want to stay on the family farm and eventually take over operations, and in that case, a high school degree may seem pointless. But, a high school degree is important in ensuring that child has options in the future, should they choose to leave the family farm.

One reason that farm worker children don't graduate from high school is that, by their teens, they are often significantly contributing to the success of the farm. That means early morning, pre-school chores, and more work when they arrive home.

That kind of responsibility at home often leaves kids tired at school, and unable to complete homework. When exhaustion and uncompleted homework stack up, it becomes a recurring cycle that's hard to break.

Unfortunately, for most families, it's not a realistic option for kids to skip the chores and "just be kids."

So, if traditional public schooling isn't working and cutting back on contributing at home isn't an option... what's the answer? It can't be dropping out, right?

Alternative schooling options are a great way for kids with non-traditional schedules. At Success VLC, all of our students are set up with a laptop and mobile hotspot so they can successfully work from home. Students are also welcomed into our local success centers to work with certified teachers as needed. We use a mastery-based, sequential curriculum (students take one course at a time) to give students the chance to focus on a single topic. We also offer extracurricular activities and career development options, like internships and mentorships in partnership with local businesses. All of this is provided at no cost to students.

This solution is practical, affordable, and it works. We've seen great success with our students, almost all of whom were at risk of not finishing high school. SAT scores, for example, are rivaling those posted by traditional schools.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for an alternative schooling option, check out the areas Success VLC serves by clicking here.




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