Why Our Educators Take Time Out for Professional Development


Recently our entire SuccessVLC staff came to Grand Rapids, MI for a two-day conference focused on professional development.

Why did we prioritize this opportunity for our staff?

●      Because we are dedicated to constantly learning and growing so that we can improve outcomes for our students.

●      Because we believe that professional development for our educators results in a better experience with better outcomes for our students.

And, we're not alone in this belief! According to research done by the US Department of Education, student achievement can improve by up to 21 percentile points due to teachers participating in well-designed professional development programs.

We know that the students we serve are almost all at risk of not finishing high school, for one reason or another. That means, as educators, we have to be willing to learn new and different strategies for supporting students and helping them to succeed.

Two days may not seem like much, but it allowed our educators to share information, learn new skills, develop strategies that worked to ensure they're up-to-date with the knowledge to help them do their best work.

It also didn't hurt for all of our educators to take a seat as students and remember how it feels to receive lots of new information all at once...even when you're really interested in the subject matter!

We would have loved to spend more time together, but everyone had a great time, learned a lot, and it was time to get back to our students!

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Tyler DavisComment