Blended School Tutoring Centers: How Success VLC Personalizes Learning

Blended High Schools

Blended Schools Tutoring Centers: How Success VLC Personalizes Learning

Blended learning is a combination of a virtual, online learning and an in-person classroom. 

For many students, traditional classroom settings are draining and inefficient. A virtual approach contrasts this. An exclusively virtual approach, however, can lead to a lack of accountability. 

The solution lies in blending the two schools of thought (pun intended).

That's where the unique advantage of blended Tutoring Centers come into play. 

The Advantages of Personalized Learning in Blended tutoring centers

Blended Tutoring Centers offer a hybrid style of learning. They combine a virtual and an instructor-led classroom. 

This method is efficient, empowering, and effective. Here are the reasons why. 

1. Blended School Learning Is Less Costly

The incorporation of a virtual program cuts back on costs for both the tutoring center and the student. Obvious savings come from the decreased classroom time. This saves classroom, electricity, and administrative costs, among others.

Obvious savings come from the decreased classroom time. This saves classroom, electricity, and administrative costs, among others.

It also benefits the students by saving them transportation costs and minimizing stress. 

At Success VLC, those savings allow for more niche programs like this one on graphic design

Students have the opportunity to take classes centered around life skills such as financial planning.

These types of classes are often inaccessible to high school students. This is because the focus of education today is on core subjects like math and English. 

2. Virtual Learning Makes Classroom Time More Efficient

Virtual learning means the student builds their own foundation on the subject matter. This allows for more creative classroom discussions that require critical thinking. Why rote memorize when you can understand?

This results in students being more engaged. They leave the class with a better understanding of the material. That's why it is a more effective method of learning for many students. 

3. Students Can Learn At Their Own Pace

Online courses offer a significant advantage versus the traditional classroom model. That advantage is the ability to learn at your own pace.

Students at risk of not graduating high school benefit greatly from this self-pacing opportunity. This is especially true for those facing young parenthood or financial challenges. They may not have the free time of other high school students, so they may fall behind in a traditional setting. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 1 in 5 public school students do not graduate high school in 4 years. 

With a self-paced learning approach, these students have the opportunity to succeed. 

4. Blended Schools Are Process Driven, Not Product Driven

Blended tutoring centers offer a curriculum-driven approach to learning that focuses on the process over the product. 

Instructors and students have access to the progress data as well as the student's engagement in the classroom. This makes it easier to track the student's efforts and understanding of a subject matter.

This can allow the instructor to better personalize a method for the student to learn. 

Also, students to take a more active role in knowledge acquisition, rather than just sitting in a lecture hall expecting to sit back and be taught. 

5. Maximize the Value of the Instructor's Expertise

Say you were taking a conventional, instructor-led course. You would attend the class and be told about a subject matter and then (hopefully) go home and apply this knowledge on your own. 

In a blended approach, you build an understanding of the subject matter in the virtual classroom. Then, you would attend the course with that foundation already in place. This would allow you to better engage with the instructor to deepen your understanding of the subject.

Therefore, you learn much more effectively and the teacher's knowledge becomes more valuable. 

Success VLC's Approach to Personalized Learning

Success VLC is a program that partners with public schools to offer a non-traditional approach to students. These students are often at risk of not graduating or have dropped out of high school.

Success VLC offers these students a lifeline to complete their high school education in an effective way. 

The program is unique because it offers as much in person instruction as needed. Students can take advantage of the learning centers and one-on-one help whenever they choose. 

How Students Are Empowered by Blended School Learning

In most traditional high school and district settings, students switch subjects 6 times per day. They have to learn something new every hour or so. This style of learning can make it very difficult to focus for many students.

In a blended learning environment, students can cater their education to a more focused approach. Perhaps they choose to take one course at a time. They can see each course all the way through in just a few weeks before moving on to the next subject. 

They can also choose what time of day they learn best, rather than being on a regimented schedule. Do you learn better at 8 am or later into the day? This can also make it possible for students with jobs to earn an income and work towards a diploma at the same time. 

Many students find this level of control over their education to be empowering, especially if they did not perform well in a traditional classroom setting. 

Education and Beyond

Blended tutoring centers also cater to the emotional needs of each student, rather than only the educational needs. For students with unique circumstances such as anxiety, personalized learning often work best. 

Blended tutoring centers make it possible for education to work for the student by setting goals they can achieve at their own pace. Rather than setting demands that are out of reach, a blended style of learning motivates the student to get not only a diploma but an education. 


Blended learning programs combine the benefits of classroom and virtual learning in a way that puts the student in charge of their education. 

Shouldn't the goal of education be to set students up for success and guide them to a career they will enjoy? At Success VLC, that is what we aim to achieve. 

If you have questions or comments about this article, our courses or student enrollment, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.