Belding Virtual Learning Center To Teach Graphic Design

High school students have more options today than just attending classes in a brick and mortar building.

Advances in technology and easier access to the internet have given students the chance to learn at their own pace. Virtual learning programs not only help students learn in new and innovative ways, but they also give students at risk of not graduating high school a chance to succeed by using a different approach.

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Education For the 21st Century - Here Now!

The Success Virtual Learning Centers (Success VLC) is a non-traditional education program partnering with public school systems to better serve students.  We focus on students who have dropped out or are at risk for not completing high school as well as home school families in need of additional curriculum and college dual enrollment.

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Advantages for Students/Parents

Welcome,  My name is Dallas Bell and for the last decade I have been helping Teens achieve success in high schools.  What I have found is many students need a different environment so we have designed a school that allows students options.

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