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Success Virtual Learning Centers (Success VLC) is a non-traditional program. We focus on students who have dropped out or are at risk for not completing high school. Success VLC is more than just an online high school program. With first-class facilities that students can visit as often as needed, one-on-one and small group teaching assistance, and their own computers and internet access, students are able to learn at their own pace, while receiving all of the tools and support in a welcoming, unassuming, and inclusive learning environment.

Success VLC combines virtual, online courses with the support of physical brick and mortar learning centers. This unique educational approach is targeted at high school students that may not have found success with traditional schools or other online high schools. In addition to our regular curriculum, Success VLC offers internships and mentoring opportunities with local businesses, as well as field trips, clubs , and other extracurricular activities, setting Success VLC apart from other alternative schooling programs or virtual schools, all at no cost to the student. Students get the online education they need in an environment where they can earn a high school diploma.

Blended Learning Environment
Alternative School

We provide a blended environment offering a local center with certified teachers available for drop-in supports for every single one of our students.

We Offer:

  • Advanced technology

  • Each student is given their own laptop and a mobile hotspot

  • Flexible schedule and courses

  • Education Anywhere, Anytime and at the student's Pace

  • Students who experience, or have a past history of anxiety, emotional trauma, and other medical conditions

  • Students working to help provide for their families, stay home to watch siblings or young children, or students working on family farms

  • 50:1 student to teacher ratio

  • Skilled, highly qualified, certified, caring Teacher/Relationship Managers on-site

  • Free summer school

  • High expectations of all students

  • Home-schooling families in need of additional curriculum and college dual enrollment

  • Home school students can learn completely from home with any needed support available

  • Opportunities for shared enrollment at local high school and career centers